Welcome to Glover's Reef Research Station

The Glover’s Reef Research Station (GRRS) is an ideal location for marine research and the only research facility within the Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve (GRMR). Owned by the Wildlife Conservation Society, the station is located approximately 45 kilometers off the coast of Belize on the Glover’s Reef Atoll, the southernmost of Belize’s three coral atolls, which supports extraordinarily high biological diversity across its 35,000 hectares.

Since 1995, the station has provided a platform for scientists to conduct cutting-edge research at one of the Caribbean’s most complex and important coral reef systems.  Additionally, the station provides a home for the Belize Fisheries Department’s GRMR headquarters.

The goal of the station is to promote the long-term conservation and management of the Belize Barrier Reef through in situ research, cooperative management, training and education. Much of the research conducted is directly relevant to enhancing the management effectiveness of the GRMR, but has wide application to other reefs and marine protected areas in the region, and beyond.

Glover's Reef Research Stations
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