Safety and Communications

A VHF radio system is in place, for communication in and around the atoll. The station also has a fixed line phone for use with phone cards, and there is wireless internet access.  In case of emergency, the station can be reached at +501-532-2153 twenty-four hours a day. A satellite phone is also carried on boats to and from shore in case of emergency. A comprehensive first aid kit and oxygen set for dive related injury are maintained at the station.

Your safety is our first priority on any boat trip. Whether you are crossing the open sea or exploring the lagoon within the atoll, all trips are contingent on the weather.   The final decision to postpone boat trips due to inclement weather falls on the captain and/or the Operations Manager.  Please understand that any such decision, no matter how inconvenient, is based solely on your safety.

Please find the Station's emergency plan here (link).

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