About Us

Wildlife Conservation Society, Belize Program (WCS Belize) has been working to protect wildlife and wild places in Belize since 1981, while retaining a strong collaborative working relationship with WCS Mesoamerica and WCS Global programs in more than 60 countries.   


WCS Belize envisions a country where diverse marine and terrestrial wildlife thrive in healthy lands and waters, are sustainably managed, and provide value for people 


WCS Belize conserves and protects the interconnected lands and waters of Belize through Science, conservation actions, education and inspiring people to value nature. 


  • Respect: We treat co-workers, partners and communities in the places where we work with respect and dignity and show regard for the views and opinions of others. 

  • Accountability and Transparency: We focus on results and measurable outcomes, take responsibility for our decisions and actions, and we are honest above our successes and failures. 

  • Innovation: We evaluate established ideas and practices, learn from experience, and introduce new methods and concepts. 

  • Diversity and inclusions: We value staff and community partners from all backgrounds and cultures with different skills, abilities and perspectives; we ensure that everyone has an opportunity to fully contribute to our mission. 

  • Collaboration: We embrace teamwork and encourage people, organizations, and jurisdictions to work together to develop solutions to the world’s conservation challenges. 

  • Integrity: We act in a manner consistent with our course values and charitable mission and uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior.


Wildlife Conservation Society, Belize Program
PO Box 768
1755 Coney Drive, Belize City, Belize, Central America
Phone Number: +501-223-3271
Email: wcsbelize@wcs.org
Social Media:  @WCSBelize