Out on the Reef

Our 200 foot dock provides secure moorings for the station and visiting researchers’ boats.  GRRS owns and operates three boats.  All boats are driven by a licensed boat captain, and station guests are required to wear a personal flotation device when traveling in any of the boats.  In recent years, GRRS has endeavored to maintain and promote new energy technologies, and as a result has converted all boat outboard engines to four stroke.

Koolie Gial is our 38ft Bradley skiff with two 200hp outboard engines and can transport up to 20 people to and from the atoll.  Koolie Gial is also used in the atoll for larger groups and can accommodate up to 20 divers at a time.  Itajara is our 26ft skiff and can accommodate up to 12 passengers or 6 divers, while Frenchie, the smallest of our skiffs at 25ft can accommodate 6 passengers or 3 divers.  Both boats are for work in and around the atoll, with two and one 60hp engines, respectively.  All boats come equipped with GPS, compass and safety equipment.  Life Jackets will be provided and are required to be worn by all passengers.

SCUBA and Snorkelling:

The station has two dive compressors and 20 aluminum tanks and weights available for use.  It is the responsibility of our guests to comply with research station diving regulations and provide evidence of having successfully completed a certified diving program by an approved diver training organization (PADI, NAUI, etc.).  All divers are required to show proof of dive insurance, such as DAN or similar.  All divers are required to have a GRRS - provided Dive Master who will guide guests who use scuba as an integral part of their work.

Guests who snorkel are required to have a GRRS - provided Water Safety Officer accompany them on all snorkeling excursions.

All SCUBA divers and snorkelers are to inform the Boat Captain and Operations Manager of their dive/snorkel plans and must always carry a dive buoy with them.

Station guests must bring all necessary scuba gear and equipment, with the exception of tanks and weights.  Occasionally, GRRS can rent masks, snorkels, and fins from a neighboring resort, but this is based on availability, and this service should not be relied upon.  

A large sink with freshwater is available for rinsing all gear.  Additionally, the dive shed can accommodate storage of gear.

Glover's Reef Research Stations
Middle Caye, Belize