We Stand for Wildlife


November 29, 2023

The Jaguar in the biological corridor of the Forests of Mesoamerica. International Jaguar Day

Jaguar populations in Mesoamerica face critical threats. The destruction of their natural habitat, driven by illegal ranching and the trafficking of jaguar parts, endangers the survival of these majestic felines.

October 30, 2023

Wildland fire management enhances wildlife connectivity

The Maya Forest Corridor (MFC) in Belize faces a significant threat: wildfires. These fires, often triggered by human activities, can have devastating consequences for communities and biodiversity. During the 2023 fire season, which ran from February to June, a high level of fire activity was observed throughout the MFC. Our team diligently monitored this situation and identified a total of 29 individual fires that created four significant wildfire hotspots. 

October 27, 2023

Population Growth of the ‘Hicatee’ Turtle at Cox Lagoon in the Maya Forest Corridor

The Hicatee population Cox Lagoon in the Maya Forest Corridor in Belize continues to exist! This, even though unsustainable hunting and habitat loss have resulted in the elimination of hicatees in majority of its range, which include certain Atlantic drainages of Guatemala, southern Mexico and throughout Belize..

September 20, 2023

Major Conservation Alliance Launches "More Trees, Fewer Cows" Initiative to safeguard the biological and cultural diversity of Mesoamerica

In a joint effort to safeguard the biological and cultural diversity of the Mesoamerican region, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Re:wild, and the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests (AMPB) announced the "More Trees, Fewer Cows" initiative during Climate Week New York. This unprecedented alliance aims to raise awareness and take strong action against illegal cattle ranching activities in Indigenous territories and protected areas.