Bryla Arzu, BS.
Bryla Arzu holds the post of Accountant at WCS Belize, she completed an Associate Degree in Tourism Studies and a Bachelors in Business Management with concentration in Finance. She is fortunate to have worked in both fields which has equipped her with a variety of skills, the ability to adapt, work under pressure and strive in most environments. She is looks forward to years of learning, working, new and fun experiences.
Deedra Westby, BA.
Administrative Assistant
Deedra Westby joined the WCS team in February, 2017 as Administrative Assistant. She is a graduate of the University of London (UOL) with a Bachelor of Business in Marketing. Deedra more than 10 years experience in the secretarial field with a background in reception, and administrative duties. She is the friendly voice that will most likely greet you when you call the WCS office.
Eden Cruz, AS.
Communications Assistant
Eden Cruz joined the Wildlife Conservation Society in 2023 as the Communication Assistant. She came on board with experience in the business field concentrating in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing and Public Relations. She has worked in the private sector for over 18 years within the insurance, tourism, marketing and the media industry. Her experience will help assist with promoting the WCS Belize programs and initiatives both regionally and internationally. She completed her Associates Degree in Business Management at the University of Belize (currently pursuing her Bachelors in Marketing) and has certificates in graphic design as well as in Nature Conservation from Japan Association Cooperation Agency (JICA).
Haleam Nicholas
Groundskeeper, Glover's Reef Research Station
Haleam Nicholas has been working as WCS Belize as a first aid trained certified groundskeeper since 2012. He is the friendly and outgoing personality you will meet at the Glover’s Reef Research Station on Middle Caye in Southern Belize.
Henry Brown Jr., AS.
Technical Coordinator Assistant- Marine
Henry Brown Jr. joined the Wildlife Conservation Society in 2022. His broad experience is rooted in a decade-long tenure as a Fisheries Biologist and Protected Areas Manager for the Belize Fisheries Department. He completed an Associates Degree in Marine Science at the University of Belize in 2009, and has received extensive specialist training in marine monitoring methodologies, scientific diving and enforcement of conservation areas. Henry has special interest in coral disease, sea turtle conservation and coral restoration, and is an accomplished boat captain and underwater photographer. Henry is the secondary lead for WCS’s marine fieldwork, including monitoring of benthic communities, key fishery resources and fish spawning aggregations at Glovers Reef Marine Reserve, and leads liaison with fishery resource users for collection of fishery dependent data. He is a long-time contributor to the work of the Healthy Reefs Initiative, serving as a trainer in reef survey methodologies and the treatment of stony coral tissue loss disease. His experience as an active participant in the monitoring and management of multiple protected areas has made him a well rounded asset to several ongoing projects across the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System.
Nathaniel Forbes
Office Assistant
Nathaniel Forbes has been working with WCS Belize since 2008 performing various duties to support the organization.
Curt Reyes, Bs.
Technical Assistant- Terrestrial
Curt has always had the enthusiasm to learn and develop as a scholar. In his own words, ”Since childhood I have developed a strong desire for conservation since I saw the need to preserve the natural resources and wildlife. Due to this long likeness for dealing with conservation, I decided to explore in natural science where I have attained a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource Management at the University of Belize. During my time at the University I have participated in several research projects such as water quality testing, abundance and characterization of microplastic in sandy beaches, macro invertebrate surveys, coral surveys, mangrove surveys among others. I have 3 years’ experience in conservation work. I temporarily joined the Wildlife Conservation Society terrestrial team as a field assistant to execute an Above Ground Biomass project within the Maya Forest Corridor.”
Damaris De La Rosa, Bs.
Community Agriculture and Restoration Technical Assistant
Damaris grew up in a private and peaceful conservation area in north-western Belize, (Gallon Jug) where she assisted her father in subsistence farming. Being surrounded by this pristine reserve and living responsibly in this environment is where her love for nature started. Securing secondary and college scholarships, she graduated with honours. In 2017 she started working at an NGO as an extension officer to give back to the community. Her job mostly focused on regenerative agricultural techniques while improving the health and nutrition of small-scale farmers in Northern Belize. She worked alongside farmers to assist in mitigating climate change through organic or environmentally-friendly practices. In early 2022, Damaris was fortunate to partake in an extensive agricultural course in Colombia, expanding her knowledge on topics such as regenerative agriculture, regenerative livestock, soil conservation, agro ecology and sustainable agricultural practices as a whole. In October 2022 Damaris received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland. Her dream is to own a self-sustainable farm where she can see her daughter grow peacefully.
Kadisha Augustine, Msc.
Community and Climate Coordinator
Kadisha has a background in social work and ten years practicing experience that are grounded in the process of community and human development. Her professional experiences have equipped her with the competence to interact with individuals from varying demographic and social backgrounds, an adeptness in analyzing the issues affecting them, as well as implementing measures relevant to their needs. She is cognizant of how integral the aspects of citizen participation and ownership are to the development process. Whereby her commitment is to development, she seeks to ensure that all measures are tried and exhausted to promote solutions to sustainably attain this goal. For those reasons, she is willing to actively advocate for individuals’ participation and benefit. Her yearn for development is attributed to her education from the University of the West Indies where she acquired a Master of Science in Development Studies (concentration in Social Development Policy). Her education at the University of Belize earned her a Bachelor of Science in Social Work, and has contributed to her success as a social worker.
Michael Gregory Brakeman
MFC Conservation Ranger
Michael Brakeman is from La Democracia, one of the priority communities of the Maya Forest Corridor. He has always enjoyed learning about nature and has developed an interest in identifying different flora, fauna, and medicinal plant. Michael’s love for conservation started while working for one of the MFC coalition members, Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, as a tour guide. He also joined Panthera as their field technician, in which his role was the assist in the long-term camera trap monitoring in the various protected areas and the MFC. At Panthera, he was introduced to other research techniques such as telemetry and live trapping of medium and large size mammals. He has participated in many training, including wilderness first aid, fire management, swift water training, police special constable training, and lifeguard training, all assets for his current role at the Wildlife Conservation Society. Michael looks forward to continue making a positive impact on his community and the Maya Forest Corridor.

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