Fisheries Catch Data Collection Program

Collection of catch data is fundamental to the management of a fishery. A sample of catch data is collected each month from fishers on-site at Glover’s Reef. Data are collected on lobster, conch and finfish, and more than 300 fishers have participated in the program. Data are collected using standardized data sheets and include information on species, size and mass, maturity, gear type, effort, and area fished. From these data the catch-per-unit-effort (CPUE) can be determined for the most important commercial species and trends over the years can be observed. The data collection started in August 2004 with a pilot survey and has continued since 2005, on a monthly basis. These catch data are also contributing to the development of a sustainable level of catch for lobster and conch for the atoll, which will be implemented in the future.



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